Final Multiplier Event in Pitesti Romania, May 9th 2022

The multiplier event was organised in Romania, by Imago Mundi in the city of Pitesti, county of Arges, Romania. Talent development is a less known concept and approach in Romania and this was a common decision from the start of the project, to organise it in a partner country where the outputs will generate more interest and impact due also to its novelty. The event unfolded on the 9th of May 2022 in Pitesti, at the National College Ion I.C. Bratianu, a more than 150 years old high school, ranked as one of the top such institutions in Romania, with outstanding academic results. Imago Mundi has worked with the college before and linked it with numerous schools from the rural areas, with less visibility but fantastic and creative students, which were also represented at the
event. Initially, it was planned for the event to be attended by 2 stakeholders from each country represented (Belgium, Poland, the Netherlands) and by 41 local participants from Romania. Due to the war in Ukraine and the fears around it, it was difficult for the partners to raise interest for the event, as most had security concerns regarding a trip to Romania in those moments. In order to boost the impact of the event, Imago Mundi involved 57 local participants, compared to the 41initially planned; the participants were teachers from rural and urban settings, young people and representatives of NGOs.

Avedan and iDrops each had one representative, Kim Novak and Jens Depelchin respectively. Through their involvement, the multiplier event had a much more interesting dynamic for all the participants, given event involvement, the multiplier event had a much more interesting dynamic for all the participants, given that both Avedan and iDrops work extensively on talent development in Belgium and the Netherlands. The main objective of the meeting was to promote the two intercultural outputs designed and completed by the partners all together, the guide with non formal tools and methods for youth workers and educators – Find Your Talent, Work on Your Skills – Tools for Talent Development as well as a TalentApp aimed at helping youths assses their own creative talent and
skills. Our Belgian partner iDrops invited Avery Snets from the tech and educational company – District Three, which worked on the talent app, to better explain its functionalities. Its participation was very useful in this context, and generated interest for the app.

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