Online lecture by dr. Sebastian Abdallah (UvA), about talented oriented approach for vulnerable youth, June 2021

During our combined online training course, due to the Covid pandemic, we invited dr. Sebastian Abdallah of University of Amsterdam to give a lecture about ”talent oriented approach for vulnerable youths”. The online lecture was attended by 25 youthworkers from 4 different European countries.

Sebastian is a cultural worker, Arabist and sociologist. He works as a program coordinator ‘Social Participation’ at the Centre of Expertise for Urban Education at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. He is a lecturer in the courses Social Work and Cultural and Social Training. He is also an independent trainer and consultant in the social and educational field. His teaching and research focus on developing expertise in working with young people. In doing so, he has a particular focus on perception, emotion, and embodied engagement at the micro level, and developing power and influence at the meso and macro levels. He is the author of several publications including the book “Talent Oriented approach with Vulnerable Youth” (2016). He received his PhD from the UvA with the thesis ‘Struggles for success. Youth work rituals in Amsterdam and Beirut’ (2017). Since 2018, he has been an editorial board member at Social Issues.

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