Follow-up Workshops with methods for unleashing Creativity, Saturday,  31st of October 2021. 

Within the Find your talent, Work on your Skills project, the local activities  on creativity continue with youths and teachers, although with a slower pace, due to the pandemic. Our youth worker and trainer from Imago Mundi Association, Aura Constantinescu  organized a workshop attended by 10 youths: Workshops with methods for unleashing Creativity, Saturday,  31st of October 2021

Aura used the knowledge and experience used during our project, as well as new skills and most of all enthusiasm given by her involvement and participation in the online Erasmus+ course, Chance To Update – Complete Erasmus+ Course,. The course was organized in the summer of 2020 by several international trainers such as Aliaksej Burnosenka. A wonderful video tutorial session recorded by Aliaksej is available on YouTube here: Workshop on Creativity – trainer, Aliaksej Burnosenka.

A Power Point  prepared by Molley Htar Maung, which made a summary of the session on creativity organized through the Chance to Update project can be downloaded here:  Developing your Creativity Molley HM. The main methods presented by Aura to the participants were Fishbone Diagramming, Mind Mapping, Six thinking hats, Theory of Inventive Problem Solving.

The Agenda of the workshop with a duration of one hour, is summarized here with step by step approach and presentation of methods used. It can be download by clicking on this link: Workshop. Methods for exploring creativity!

Given the tutorials, PowerPoint presentation and detailed Agenda, the materials can be used for a face to face workshop, as well as adapted for an online format. Images from the workshop are available here, on Imago Mundi s Facebook page: Workshop about Creativity 31st of October 2021. 

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